Testimony of ex-commander broke silence for last 37 years

This is an excerpt translation of the article that the Asahi Shimbun retracted as untrue.

Testimony of ex-commander broke silence for last 37 years to proclaim forcibly taking Korean women assaulted
Sep.2nd, 1982 (The Asahi Shimbun, Osaka Morning Edition)

59 years after a lot of Korean people were slaughtered, a commander who used to direct carting off Korean people confessed the tragedy of "comfort women hunt".

Although the comfort women's history has been concealed and abandoned after WW II, five hunderd audience silently listen to his confession to state that there were no exceptional Japanese soldiers in China not experiencing any contact with Korean comformt women.

 He is Seiji Yoshida, who is 68 years old and in the fall 1942, he also used to be the ex-leader of a labors' organization dubbed Rohmu Houkoku-kai that was established for the conscription against Korean.

 According to his confession at Naniwa Kaiho hall in Osaka, he visited Korea for ten times or more in three years and directly conducted to forcibly take around six thousands Korean people, nine hundreds fifty people of them were comfort women, who were originally dispatched to the frontline as units dubbed the Imperial women volunteer corps, however, he did not use the word "conscription" at that time but used the word "hunting".

Then, he recurred what it looked like to "hunt" around two hundreds of young Korean women during a week at Saishu isle in summer in 1943. Ten of Japanese solidiers accompanied those comfort women in order to prevent them from being attempted for rescue by Korean resistance. Those soldiers surrounded a village once found.

Then nine subordinates of his run into the village all together then dragged out young women to the alley by grabbing their hands.Those women were loaded into a truck and soldiers plunged into the cargo and perpetrated violence against them to rape in group.

Some of them were workers in button manufacturer factory, others were abalone hunting divers or else. Randomly they were "hunted" almost every day. They were no only screaming but also surely looked crippled when being loaded to a ship.


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