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Japan paper Yomiuri Shimbun retracts 'sex slaves' references

BBC reports Yomiuri's apology.

Japan's biggest newspaper has issued a controversial apology for using the term "sex slaves" when referring to women who worked in brothels set up for Japanese soldiers in World War Two.

Misperception diffused across the world

In the beginning, comfort women issue was a "local story" of Social Dept., Osaka HQ of Asahi Shimbun. Tales in Seiji Yoshida's confession was featured as just a sentimental story in the serial dubbed "Women's World War II" (Onnatachi-no-Taiheiyou-sensou in Japanese) by Kiyoyasu Kitahata, a lead writer of Asahi. It can be guessed Asahi was in a mood that a few misperceptions could be ignored since denouncements against Japanese military's war crimes were quite common at that time and there was no objection to them.
     However, the issue could not be proved when developed into a serious diplomatic problem. It would be expected that they should have awkwardly withdrawn it then paused even though they could not correct. Other newspapers than Asahi were away from the comfort women issue while they also featured some until around 1992. Why was Asahi the only one to persist with the comfort women issue and argued that the Japanese government should compensate…