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BBC repeats old lies about "sex slaves"

従軍慰安婦について、元慰安婦の李さん、元航空幕僚長の田母神さん、旧日本軍衛生兵の松本さんに取材した、ルーパート・ウィングフィールド=ヘイズ東京特派員の記事です。— BBC News Japan (@bbcnewsjapan) 2015, 8月 3

I'm sick and tired when finding the BBC correspondent to Tokyo still seems to try spreading the expression of "sex slave" even though the New York Times has already given up standing by using that expression since Asahi Shimbun officially retracted the falsified articles in Japan which had caused the controversy. Is the British medium ignorant in the basic historical fact?

Toshio Tamogami, appearing here in the article as a revisionist about comfort women issues, doesn't deny the existence of comfort women. Masayoshi Matsumoto, a former soldier he called himself (who once claimed he had seen comfort women infected by HIV during WW2), to whom the BBC correspondent referred, only told that "the women were forced". As Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe addressed at the US Congress, Japan's government admitt…