East Asia expert: History revisionists exploiting falsity of Yoshida comfort women claims

From Mainichi Daily News: Washington-based Mainichi Shimbun reporter Masaya Oikawa contacted East Asia specialist Dr. Larry Niksch, who was involved in the creation of the House resolution as a staff member of the Congressional Research Service (CRS). The interviewer seems to know more than the interviewee.
Mainichi: In the 2006 CRS memorandum, you referred to Mr. Yoshida's book. Were you aware of its falsehood at that time?

Niksch: At the Congressional Research Service, at that time I can tell you that the inquiries that I received from Congressional Offices for information -- none of them mentioned the Yoshida case. I deleted the Yoshida claim from the 2007 Memorandum. One reason possibly was that I discovered some of the doubts, or the other possible reason -- I found more authentic evidence. The section on evidence related to the comfort women system in the 2006 Memorandum is less than one page, whereas in the 2007 Memorandum (it) is six pages.

Mainichi: There is an official document which shows examples of freedom to go out or freedom of marriage at the comfort stations in Burma.

Niksch: The description contrasts with so many other testimonies about abuses at other stations. No doubt conditions varied but the collective information is abusive conditions.


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