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U.S. State Department says "JK business" is human trafficking

"Japan is notorious for human-trafficking.” This would be the perception of Americans after reading “Trafficking in Persons Report June 2016” issued by the US Department of State. It seems this report is taken seriously, although most Japanese don’t know about it and the media here shrug it off as nonsense. We need to do some fact checking here.

The report labels Japan as a country that doesn’t meet the minimum standards for eradicating human trafficking, ranking it as “Tier 2” right alongside with countries like Nigeria and Bangladesh. Japan is the only country among G7 member states in this ranking. Countries with “Tier 3” rating are subject to limitations on development aid programs.

Human trafficking through confinement and coercion are forbidden under Japanese law, and enforced by the police. The Japanese government do not condone such offense in any way. However, there are a few NPOs who “sell” these stories to the U.S. Although fallacious like the so-called “forced porn ap…