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Greenpeace Is a Thief

Greenpeace Japan filed a criminal complaint with Japanese prosecutors Thursday, accusing whaling-ship crew members of stealing whale meat from a hunting trip. However, the alleged "evidence" was stolen from the warehouse.

Jun Hoshikawa, the director of Greenpeace Japan, admitted that they stole it and apologized. According to the Japanese law, the object which was collected with illegal measure can't be an evidence. So their accusation will be rejected.

This is a typical hypocrisy of so-called radical ecologists. Western people want to save the whale, while they are killing millions of cows, pigs, and other animals everyday, more than any eastern people. As eating cows is the western tradition, so eating whale is Japanese tradition. Nobody can tell which tradition is correct or incorrect.

Greenpeace is the worst model of western ethnocentrism. Even more foolish is the Japanese like Hoshikawa, who imports the western arrogance to Japan. Fortunately no Japanese media is sup…