A troubling position on 'comfort women'

The Yomiuri Shimbun's editorial criticizes the EU Parliament's resolution:
The Japanese government must lobby other governments to persuade them not to follow in the footsteps of the European Parliament in adopting a resolution that sullies Japan's standing.

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution condemning Japan over the "comfort women" issue. The resolution calls for the government to apologize, saying the Imperial armed forces coerced young women in Asia to work as "sex slaves" before and during World War II.

The latest development resembles the resolution adopted by the U.S. House of Representatives over the comfort women issue in July. This matter has now spilled over to Europe. The parliaments of Canada and the Netherlands also have adopted similar resolutions.

However, interest in the comfort women issue has not necessarily been high in Europe. The European Parliament's resolution was advocated by the minor Green Party and fewer than 10 percent of the members of the parliament were present for the vote.


Moves behind the scenes

However, Amnesty International, an international human rights organization, has organized hearings of former comfort women, including Dutch women, at various places, and is lobbying many governments to adopt resolutions on the issue. Anti-Japanese organizations with ties to China and South Korea are orchestrating such moves behind the scenes.

When Japan controlled Indonesia during World War II after ousting the Dutch military, detained Dutch women were taken by Japanese soldiers and forced to become comfort women against their will. However, Japanese military headquarters in Jakarta closed down the comfort station immediately after learning of the incident, and released the women.

This was indeed an unfortunate incident, but the story provides "counterevidence" that refutes allegations that the Japanese military systematically coercively recruited women into sexual service.

Officers and soldiers involved in the incident were sentenced as Class-B and Class-C war criminals by a war tribunal in the Netherlands after the war.

The German military had more than 500 "comfort stations" in East Europe and other occupied areas, yet we rarely hear a peep about this. A number of documents verify this fact, including a report by an official of the Catholic Church to the pope, saying Nazis took Jewish women to serve as prostitutes for German soldiers.


Kono statement to blame

The Green Party that advocated the adoption of the latest resolution has many German members. We wonder if they intend to keep silent over what happened in their own country many years ago.

One reason why Japan has been repeatedly dragged over the coals regarding the comfort women issue is the 1993 statement issued by then Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono. The statement suggested that Japanese officials systematically and coercively recruited women to be comfort women.

However, there is not one single document or a shred of evidence that substantiates this. Nobuo Ishihara, deputy chief cabinet secretary at that time, later said the Kono statement was issued to deflect pressure from South Korea, which had been pressing Japan to acknowledge it had carted off comfort women.

The government must review the Kono statement, which has become a source of misunderstanding in the international community.


Of course there would be no single "evidence" or document to support that there had been a systematic and coercive recruitment of comfort women other than the narration of victims because at that time, rather than save those kinds of documents, the women who are victims and the menfolk because of social norms at that time would rather keep those things hush and would of course destroy any evidence that might lead to the dishonor of their family. As for doubting the words of these women are are victimized, put yourself in their shoes, given their position and the social pressures of their time. Would you claim that you were taken against your will and forced to service 15-30 men a day? Or would you rather destroy any evidence of this humiliation and keep mum about it? I remember one comfort woman who was "recruited" at 12, by a nosy spy/ pimp who had been surveying their house for the local Japanese comfort station for weeks. She said that if only she won't get caught, she'll kill all the Japanese she can. Even by doing this, they cannot pay back what they did to her and her family. The estimate 120,000 women, is a too much of a number to be volunteers. Not to mention the high suicide rate in those "comfort stations". A local comfort station near our hometown is said to have at least 30 suicide cases among the comfort women. I don't think prostituting their bodies is something they are willing to do. Just because European countries are not that "hot" about their comfort women issues doesn't mean the Asian countries the Japanese occupied shouldn't be. you must also take into consideration the different values and culture the two continents has. Besides, I doubt if the women in the "500" comfort stations were forced to service 15-30 men a day.
Truthjapan said…
I just want to comment on the person above

.>>the women who are victims and the menfolk because of social norms at that time would rather keep those things hush and would of course destroy any evidence>

Really ? Why Germans could not destroy lots of evidences on hollocost like Japan did to comfort woman evidence.
Japanese must be really good at destroying those proofs, because there is not even one proofs left..

>>As for doubting the words of these women

Yeah, they must (even only one person) could give something to support their sides.. I wonder why they can not find anything to support themselves. You know ?
One Ex-comfort woman went to the court in Japan.. and she admitted that she was sold as comfort woman by HER OWN family.. That is why she lost at the court.

>>Would you claim that you were taken against your will and forced to service 15-30 men a day?

yeah.. I wonder how many people current Prostitute are serving to.
Here : Comfort women were sold by THEIR OWN Family. Then hate your own moms or dads!
They become one by their own to get money more than Japanese soldiers got paid at that time.

Know the real history, than just deny everything that you don't want to believe.. C' mon that is not fair

Do you know those Koreans soldiers raped many Vietam women in Vietam war like very cruely way. I wonder if Koreans know selling themselves were very cruel, then how come they could rape Vitnamese women in the war.

>>Put yourself in their shoe ?

Please put yourself in our shoe then..

Is any court have the right to decide the judgement against you without any proof ? Not even one proof ?
Would you say it is fair if you are convicted of a murder and are found guilty without any proof ?
I bet you are ? Huh?
Koreans and Chinese are spreading fake, not conviced stories all over the world with knowing Japanese people don't speak up about it.
You know now ? we are finding out the truth.. It won't work like it did till now.. MR..
Rachel said…
Commenting on the person who commented on me.

National History is not wholly made up of concrete evidence but of experiences of an entire nation or group of people.

Verbal narration of those experiences stands also in courts.

Philippines suffered much under your people pretending to be "friends" of our country but did not even keep up this pretense long .

It's not only Koreans and Chinese telling those stories about Japanese atrocities but Filipinos from my country, VIetnamese, and other countries where your fleets landed.

I think the similarities of the stories itself despite the distance is more than enough concrete evidence to stand in court.

The Germans were humble enough to apologize, but the Japanese would not even do that.

Sure, some Prime Minister did, but apologies are not concrete unless they are practiced. I happen to know that the war crimes and atrocities of your country does not even appear in your children's history books.

While it appears in ours, Vietnamese, Chinese and KOrean history books, scarring the country with the deep wounds of the past. Now you tell me to put myself into your shoes? The shoes of the people , women your country violated during the war is far to bigger to fill than yours.
Truthjapan said…
Hello, Rachel..Hmm, Now you are change your username.. but I guess you are the same one that I commented to.
Did you ever read Japanese textbook?? and You are commenting this ?

The world history is not made up ?
they just only hear from Chinese and Koreans..Did you know Japan contributed lots to Korean's modernization ? Did people in the world know about this ?

Nope, because you guys don't tell the world those truth. But some American or other resachers know about this. But it doesn't get big, because you guys spread lots of fakes to the world. and people listend to the people who speak up.

Well, you guys are chaning excuses very much, about Takeshima, and people who were forced to come to Japan?? Because the history that you guys telling to the world were lies. That's why when we argue, you guys could not tell why, so ends up changing those excuses.

Stop ugly propagandas!

Some Japanees textbooks are explainning about "Comfort women" are real. But Where are the proof ?
Lets' say, Your father who protected you and fought for you was convicted of a rapist, and found a guilty without evidences, and was decided by only one of victims's relatives only said that your father killed them.. Would you argree with that ?

I bet you do..

Why did you answer that questions that I raised ?

1) Why Germans could not destroy every proof that they had for hollocost, even though YOU CLAIM that Japanese destroyed all of the proof of comfort women.
Germans apologized enough ? and You are saying Japanese didn't ?
That's was a problem. We apologiezed too easily for the things that we didn't. That's why this mess.. And you..

Koreans are taking all of the benefits from Japan. and The world start knowing the truth. Korean is a full of fake, and brainwashing thier citizen including you..Rachel. See, You could even use the same handle name..
They pretend like Japanese, using Japanese names.. Yeah would You say Korean people using Japanese name because not being descriminated ?
Right, that is why they have to use Japanese names even they are living outside of Japan to decieve other people in the world as well

2) why didn't you commnet of Korean rapists in Vietnam war ?

Rachel, The world start finding out the truth what really happened. Becuase Japanese people start speaking up.
Do you deny everyone in the world hate Koreans ? They don't want to do any business with them ?
Did you know Taiwanese loves Japan ?
Only countries who hate Japanes are only N.S korea, China where they educate citizens against Japanese.
Look around you, Rachel ? The truth is always coming out at the end.
We should not apologize to things that we didn't do.
Do you agree ?
Or do you agree with your father conivcted of a murder without evidence?

This is my advice from you, Rachel, Next time use the SAME handle name, so that people start believeing you.
Truthjapan said…
Well, Philliphines ?
Who won't tell a lie not to get money for it ?

But they are not greedy if you compare to Koreans.

Truthjapan said…
Rachel, You are phillipino.
Well, same to you anyway.
if you didn't actually experienced the history, then you should allow yourself to listend to the other side of stories (from Japan side).

I didn't know Phillipines is tired of being friends with Japan.
I will put that in my mind, and will discuss with others about that.
Rachel said…
Yup changed my username. Sorry for this late reply I was writing my literature review for my thesis.

Yes, I have read Japanese textbooks. I have a couple of friends majoring in Japanese culture and history. Yes, they mention the existence of comfort women but only in passing. I am merely tired of people denying that history did happen. Oh I did listen to the side of the Japanese on this particular issue. But don't you think that the reason why many people are telling experiences of this is because they've felt it. Did you know that my own grandmother saw a Japanese soldier bayonetting a baby?

It's not that I don't have Japanese friends. I do. People I met in IC. Point is however some wounds are too deeply cut. When my grandparents were alive I could not bring Japanese friends to my house. My grandfather's relatives were slaughtered mercilessly, no one, not even his then 4 year old cousin, and his female 16 year old cousin was gang raped before killed.

Propagandas you say? Ugly propagandas would be the way you deny that the rape of comfort women are false? How do I know so much about these things? It's because I've done charity services in home for the aged where older women speaks of their experiences. Women who are too tired to even be "greedy" as you put it?

Yes, I'm Filipino by citizenship but I'm Chinese.

To answer why GERMANS were not able to destroy all traces of their crimes is because there are still witnesses to prove that it did happen. The Japanese were not able to destroy all proofs of comfort women as there were still those who talks about it. Witnesses to crimes committed in the past.

If my father is convicted of rape with no evidence? It won't stand in court with only one witness but if there were hundreds and thousands as in the case against Japan in the issue of comfort women, that's another matter entirely. It's not just relatives of victims but victims themselves speaking up for the atrocities of your people. I don't care for propagandas or any of those things I only care about the apologies from your people for the victims of your country's wage for supremacy. Rape victims, murder victims and the like.

Do you know that it was not only women they raped in the Philippines? According to my interviews with older people when I was in high school they also raped men and gay men when they couldn't find women. That is so sick...

Yes, there were Korean rapist during Vietcong War but they did not build "comfort stations" to house women they raped repeatedly. In our college's library alone there are like 40 books on the issue of comfort women alone during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines, China and Korea. Ranging from interviews, document evidences and the like. So, your country did not exactly clean all evidences.

Honestly, if my father raped someone and that person's life and reputation is destroyed because of it. I would rather my father be persecuted and I would apologize for the sins he did.

Yes, some women are asking for compensation but it is more of apologies that they want and at least remnants of their old dignity be returned to them.

How would you like it if your daughter was raped repeatedly by different men and there was nothing you could do about it? War was their excuse. Then they pretend nothing happened. Your daughter's sanity and dignity is torn into shreds. How would you feel?

Well, of course Taiwanese loves Japanese because they hate Chinese from mainland. You know what they say about the enemies of your enemies. As for Filipinos, let's just say that Filipinos are people who would rather forgive. But I still say that apologies are to be given for crimes committed. No matter how much you deny about the existence of comfort women, there'd be more than enough primary witness to say otherwise.

Try reading up on books from other countries. :p I'm younger than you most likely but I could only say that you probably need to travel more so as to gain more insights about the world around you. Most of the Japanese I meet are too strung up. Narrow minded chauvinist is the term my kuya (eldest brother) applied to you as he saw our online debate as this page is bookmarked in my laptop.

In any case, there would be no resolution between us in this manner. You refuse to believe that your country did wrong and I refuse to believe that it didn't in any case it won't change one thing. War is an ugly thing no matter what side of the world you are in. As citizens of this world let us just make sure that the future would be brighter for those who are yet unborn.
Truthjapan said…
Dear Rachel,
Since you already stated and believe fully that "Comfort women" did exist (Comfort women were just prostitutes as our opinion), yes, no reason to discuss. but just give you a youtube link that one of your people do admit us.
Not all of you don't hate us.
This man at least lived in the war, and noticed us.

Truthjapan said…
Oh. Godness. You again.... I didn't read your response, because I knew I will be upset..but.. you deceive me again. You are not Fillipino. You are a Chinese. Why did you pretend like you are a Flipino ? Do you have reason why you didn't tell me at the first place ?
You are a Chinese. Nationality doesn't change. We have many many Koreans and Chinese who took Japanese nationality, but they are with their own countries, Korea, and China.
That is depressing.. That's why I don't believe Chinese people. no creditability...

First, change user name, second, you hid your identiy. No more lies or deceive please.

I am talking about the evidences as photos, films etc, not witnesses. Are they any witnesses who watch comfortwomen as sex slaves.. I mean, not Chinese or Koreans watched their moms or daughters were.. I mean foreigners...

Well, I have nothing to discuss with you anymore.
That will be the end.
Truthjapan said…
One more thing, you know that Chinese and Koreans were mind-controelled by thier goverments.
Do you believe " 天安門事件”?or not ?
Chinese people don't know what they are doing. They should see the truth. We, Japanese never tourtued or killing ourselves like Chinese. They are just cruel people, very scarey.
Truthjapan said…
one more thing. sorry. I have to travel more ??
I am married to an Jewish American for 12 years. I lived in the US, France, German, and Japan for many years. I am living in the US right now. I traveled to Hong Kong, Israel, Spain, Netherlands, Phillipines,( Not China, it is too scarey) I traveled all over the world much more than you, and sure much older than you.

Japanese people didn't speak up till now because of this stupid " self battered" textbook. But now, we are finding out the truth.

Let me tell you, you've ask your Fillipino frends before to get permision to represent Fillipino's opinions.

You are the one more reason that I don't trust Chinese.

Gosh, Love the world, oh yeah...
Rachel said…
I am Filipino, I'm Filipino citizen. Chinese by 3/4ths blood and 1/4th Filipino. Yes, you are older but I've traveled more than you because of my dad's business. You are well traveled however you need to learn more about other people and you need to learn more about open mindedness and of intellectual and philosophical discourse without thinking it is a personal assault on your person. :p I had a Japanese boyfriend before, my parents didn't like him because he was narrow minded. Although not all Japanese are like that, I've noticed that there are quite a few number of those, especially in the older age bracket. Further more, it's not that I hate Japanese I just don't like people who are non-tolerant of beliefs opposite theirs. Koreans and Chinese are being controlled? Talk about being crazy, I mean who had these crazy kamikaze pilots? You Japanese don't need other people to control you because your minds are so warped up and controlled by your repressive society who views women as second class citizens. No, comfort women are not prostitutes because a majority of them were not paid. Dragged, kidnapped from their homes and raped repeatedly, by hundreds of soldiers a day. If you don't like reading my post then stop replying. I had already ended my last comment with a dismissive tone. But I guess with you I have to be blunt. I don't like the disrespectful tone you've given to comfort women because they went through things you cannot even imagine, leaving them broken in spirits and dignity. Your username reflects your point of view, truthjapan, because your truth and perspective is limited to the interest of Japan. Let us stop arguing because neither one will convince the other to be bulged from our convictions. This is pointless.
Rachel said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel said…

Check the blog entry entitled: A Narrow Minded Japanese Oldie

Truthjapan said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Truthjapan said…
Tiananmen Square Massacre in China


Yeah, right. You TRAVELED more with your daddy.
But you actually didn't live there with other people, Ms.
They said over what 1000000 comofrot women ? That's what Chinese or Korean gorverments annouced, there not so many witnesse came up.
Yeah, who believe Chinese and Koreans? Yeah they sure speak up and spread those fake to the world though.
If you at least traveled the world, what do you hear about Chinese and Koreans ? They don't have good reputation do they ? Japanese do have good reputation.
I forgot to tell you, I lived in the UK for 4 yrs, too.
Well, that's nothing.
Somebody's blog is not credibility. That is what this individual think. Yes, the individual like you think about Japan. Who doesn't know about Japan or Japanese like you.
Yeah, crazy Kamikaze pilots at least fought for the country and died, not like Chinese people just killed own people and said " we didnt kill anybody"
I do disrespect the comfort women who made up fakes and spread all over the world the fake. I am so ashamed of them. Ask your confort woman's friend their Bank statements.. If all those things that you said about comfort women are ture then, at least one person who succsessfully proved that it happened. Is there ? Nah..
Well, Chinese and Koreas's lies are a part of cultures anyway. They lies without guilt, which I never understand why. Making fake products, copy everyting. Too many.. just too many.
You don't understand.. You are show me how honest you are.
I won't trust Chinese anymore, I was very stupid to feel close to them before. That's because we are all Asians. Yes, we are all Aisans, but we are very very different. Japanese tried to make firends those countries, but we just should gave up on that to protect ourselves. Aisa won't work like EU.
I will teach my kids to watch out those kind of people to protect themselves.
Well, Nice to talk to you Ms. Rachel. I am glad to know you, and re-realized that China is China. Nothing more.
Well, if you don't want me to read your comments, don't write it. It is not your place to write those kind of comments, Miss.
Go to the blog that you provided the above, then, you will have lots of comments from people who agree with you.

October 8, 2008 11:56 PM
Truthjapan said…
Hey, you gave me your blog site.

Dah.. That's why no sense to talk with you.. Miss..

Well, You can't leave the comment on your own blog, can you..??
Truthjapan said…
Oh godness, you use my comments without asking.

Again, you make me realize that Chinese love to use somebody's without permision.

Is that a part of your culture ?
Such a waste of time to discuss with you Ms. Rachel, or Phili,.Picachu, or whatever the names that you use.

If you want to deal with people in the world in the future.. Ask for the permision. Ms. No sense to contributing to your blog.

Truthjapan said…
I will give you permit. You can put this link up on your blog.

Truthjapan said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Truthjapan said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Truthjapan said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Truthjapan said…
One more thing. That will be all.
Tell your friend not to call us "JAPS". That makes you become the same perosn who calls or uses nasty words or discrimated words.
As you noticed, even I totally disagree with your opinion, and I don't do " Name calling" or use " Nasty words" to look down on you, don't I?
Also tell her that it is impossilbe to give her evidences that didn't happen, but it is very possilbe to gather the proofs that was really happend.. but never found proofs, or evidences...
I gave you enough theories why I believe that didn't happend. Tell your frined to check out the link that I gave you before.
Rachel said…
Freedom of Speech and Expression. Philippine Constitution of 1987, Article 3 Section 4. I, as Filipino citizen, exercise the expression of my will in a manner that it not as condescending as you did of my fellow Filipinas when you called them prostitutes.

I'm proud of my English name Rachel thank you.

I traveled more and seems like I've learned more. Respect for other people's culture is a good thing you know. You cannot even say I don't respect your culture. I did kendo, I'm anime fan and I read more manga than most people could chew in their lifetime. I just say that there are sins of the past that needs atoning for.

In this country if you end up in the home for the aged, run by catholic institutions it means you don't even have bank statements because you are dirt poor. We are talking here about some of the comfort women in the home for the aged, 2 of them are already peacefully departed. To a peaceful place where there is no war, violence or rapist soldiers who kills babies whom I know will end up in a different place altogether.

Besides blogs are not patented or trademarked. :p Cannot accuse me of "plagiarism" as I backtracked the site here. I don't need your permission for reprints as this is a public view in the world wide web. If you didn't want anyone to comment on your work, or repost your comments, then don't put it on a public site. :p I'm not asking for your permission either. I wanted my friends to see what happens when a person ceases to think and rationalize. So I decided to introduce them to your handiwork.

The reason why I posted here is so you can see my comment about what I think. People are given freedom of speech and expression as one of the earliest parts of the international bill of rights. I won't let someone like you curtail my freedom. If you don't want anyone commenting you should have turned off the comment tabs. :p

Don't talk about copying as Japanese had been known to "innovate" inventions of other countries as well. A pot shouldn't call a kettle black.

I think somehow, the exorbitant fees of exclusive schools like San Beda for us is somehow compensated by the fact that we are taught well to debate with civility and taught that there is such a thing as human error. We are also taught to say sorry. Apparently Japanese were not taught to apologize for their "dishonorable" sins and instead forget about it. But then again as Jay-jay said, Philippines is a melting pot of cultures and thus enables its citizens to have a wider perspective of the world around them.

I'm sorry that you call those evidence when they are in such a small scale compared to the bigger picture and narrations of evidences the other side gathered. Your grammar is atrocious too. Another thing is, of course you don't think you're lying your government brainwashed you enough to believe what you say is true even without rational thinking. Do you know that rational thinking differentiates man from monkeys? That and of course opposable thumbs. Don't worry I think you still got opposable thumbs though. Don't let them fall off because you might be mistaken as Macaca fascicularis, the scientific name of Japanese monkey.

You talk of shame? Be ashamed of your ancestors who raped and pillaged countries all in the pretense of Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere which is a very pathetic excuse for colonization. In the name of friendship? Some historians reckon that if Hiroshima and Nagasaki had not been bombed you megalomaniacs would not have stopped.

In a comment in my blog, with the username gnowyelrebmik, Kim says you don't even know how to differentiate between race and nationality. Her percentage of Chinese blood is bigger, 100% I think and she is more nationalistic than some Filipinos I've met. You should see her talk about how wonderful Philippines is, its culture and rich history so you'll know how much of a Filipina she is.

JC, with the username rerhyme commented something in the post that you may not exactly be happy about. He also says "What the f*** him pointing you out as Chinese!" He should know because he had known me for a long time. He knows that I love Philippines and growing up as Filipino makes me proud of this country.

Also, Jay-jay is not a she. His user name is thingle, which I think refers to a part of the woman's sex organ in Filipino dialect. :p I cannot be held responsible for his comments as anyone from his class would tell you, no one can control him. He is the reason why I posted that blog entry in the first place so he'd have a refreshing comment. Apparently you didn't find his comments refreshing.


Tune in to the next part of my blog entries entitled: "A Narrowminded Japanese Oldie Part 2"

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