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This site collects articles, raw materials, links, and other resources about the Ianfu, or "comfort women", the state-regulated prostitutes who served for Japanese Army during the World War 2.

Although there are many sites arguing this issue in Japanese, there are very little information in English. So Western media like NY Times and BBC write many wrong and biased stories. That's why I set up this blog. You can post (or copy)
  • Article about Ianfu in English
  • English translation of the articles about Ianfu in newspapers, magazines, and books
  • Links to Japanese sites about Ianfu.
The post should be written in English. Since this site is aiming at database, the post must be focused on the fact, not opinion.

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Ichiro said…
Professor Tessa Morris-Suzuki has her comments on this issue at the following site.
Nightwind said…
The Daily Yomiuri / The Yomiuri Shimbun, Mar.7: "Don't misinterpret comfort women issue" (cache)
Virginia Foxxe said…
Something has been bugging me for some time now. Abe is hell-bent on two things: altering the Peace-Constitution and destruction of the educational system -- namely deletion from textbooks of any mention of the sex-slave issue. Why so?

Kishi, his grandfather and personal idol, was a sort of viceroy over Manchuria when it was occupied by the Imperial Army. Kishi was also a cabinet minister who concurred with Tojo on the decision to attack Pearl Harbor. After the war was over, Kishi was arrested on charges of Class A war crimes along with Tojo and others, but Kishi was later released without ever being tried when Tojo et al. were hanged. Why? And just what exactly was Kishi's role in overseeing the colony of Manchuko? Wasn't the procurement of recourses from the colony of Manchuko a part of Kishi's duties in his capacity in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce?

So why is Abe so hell-bent on denying that the Imperial Army kidnapped and held hostage hundreds of thousands of Asian women as sex slaves? Was the procurement of "human resources" a part of his grandfather's job?

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