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BBC, Mar. 3: "Sex slave denial angers S Korea"NYT, Mar.6: "No Apology for Sex Slavery, Japan’s Prime Minister Says"

NYT, Mar. 6: "No Comfort" (editorial)Washington Post (AP), Mar. 7: "Ex-S.Korea Sex Slaves Recall Humiliation"

LA Times, Mar. 7: "Paging the emperor" (editorial)

Economist, Mar.8: "No comfort for Abe"

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pandar said…
Professor Yi Yong Hung of Seoul University revealed that the Korean comfort women were just prostitutes.
On the talk show "MBC 100min discussion", Professor Yi revealed that there were comfort stations operated by Koreans during the Korean war . He also accused Koreans for making brothel towns(called Texas village) near American military bases. As usual, Professor Yi has been threatened by Koreans.

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