Asahi admits their Ianfu stories were wrong

According to a comment to my blog, the PR bureau of the Asahi Shimbun replied to his question on the phone as follows:
  • Seiji Yoshida's testimony that he abducted women was not a true story. The Asahi corrected the articles in 1997.
  • It was not true that the Ianfu were forced into brothels as "Joshi Teishintai". The Asahi never reported it was true.
  • The article on 11 Jan. 1992 did not say that the Army had abducted women.
Although these excuses are questionable, it is obvious that even the Asahi doesn't say that the Army coerced women into brothels. The "Ianfu" is a phantom issue that was created by the Asahi's wrong report and that it admits they were wrong.


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