The U.S. wants to create trouble between Japan, China and Korea

Al Jazeera commented on the "comfort women" resolution:

A U.S. official said Japan has to apologize for sex slavery during World War II.

Why only Japan? How about the U.S. for killing thousands of innocent Vietnamese women and children by dropping chemical weapons, bringing African people by force as slaves, displacing and killing American natives? Are those things OK?

The American official further said that the United States wants to put its friend on the right track. How about your friend Australia? Did Australia apologize for kidnapping Aboriginal children from their parents in the 60s? Did they apologize for killing so many Aboriginals?

Does the U.S. really want to put Tokyo on the right track, or create trouble between Japan, China and Korea? The U.S. wants to fulfil its own goals by destabilizing the region!


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