A disagreement with the resolution 121

Matt Dioguardi wrote on his blog:

Not unexpectedly, the US house has approved the comfort women resolution.

I strongly disagree with this resolution. I very much understand that resolutions like this are par for the course these days in Washington, but personally I think resolutions like this are pro-war. You don’t tell other countries, especially allies how to deal with difficult and complex problems. It will be interesting, if not unsettling, to see what the reaction is to the resolution. (Here are some reactions from when the bill was approved by the foreign relations committee.)

Let’s see how many people on the left are all too happy to accept foreign interventionism, so long as they agree with the purpose of the intervention. Let me spell this out for those who don’t understand what I am implying. Japanese nationals, especially politicians, should want the sovereignty of their country respected, and on principal should reject all interventions. However, I am sure that because many politicians on the left approve of the contents of the resolution, they will not pay any attention to the sovereignty issue. Had the bill said Japanese should go to church more often, of course, a different reaction would be expected. But the issue is not what America is telling Japan to do, it’s that America is telling Japan what to do!

Note the resolution explicitly tells the Japanese government how to educate its future generations. US congressmen do not even have the inherent right to tell parents how they will educated their children in America, much less Japan. Are we all Fascists these days? Imperialists? People really need to wake up on this issue.

Let’s see how many people on the left who reject interventionism in Iraq, and American imperialism in general, are all to happy to exuberantly embrace it here. Let’s see how many Japanese are good imperial subjects when it suits them.


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