Left wing's New Clothes

Alexis Dudden, Associate Professor of history at Yale University and a feminism activist, wrote an article "Prime Minister Abe’s New Clothes". It says:
At stake are not the facts of coercion but the reasons for Abe’s reversals about the meaning of “coercion” and his current decision to avoid discussing the word entirely. Put simply, this is an attempt at whitewashing the record of the Japanese military before reinstalling them as a constitutional force. Abe’s determination to revise the 1947 constitution allowing Japan to operate its military had Washington’s open encouragement, which no doubt factored into his cavalier statements about the historical role of the military in the coercion of comfort women.
She is not interested in the facts, as is usual for these activists. Without examining facts, they attack "whitewashing", "revisionism", and "militarism". These are new clothes of the left-wing activists that are facing extinction after the collapse of socialism. They don't like the facts because their conspiracy theory is never supported by historical facts.


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