Congressional Research Service report

Here is a report on "Japanese Mlitary Comfort Women System" by the U.S. Congressional Research Service, which was delivered to the congress on April 3. Excerpts:
There is no doubt from the available evidence that most comfort women were in the system involuntary if one defines involuntary to include entering the system in response to deceptive recruitment.

The military may not have directly carried out the majority of recruitment, especially in Korea; but the Abe government's denial of any evidence of military coercion in recruitment goes against the testimony of former comfort [women] to Japanese government researchers who compiled the 1992-1993 government report.

In rejecting the testimony of over 100 former comfort women, the Japanese government appears to be putting itself in a position in which outsiders could begin to question the credibility of the claims that North Korea has kidnapped Japanese citizens.
One factual error: since the testimony of comfort women to Japanese government was not disclosed, nobody can know whether Abe's statement is against it or not.


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