BBC repeats old lies about "sex slaves"

I'm sick and tired when finding the BBC correspondent to Tokyo still seems to try spreading the expression of "sex slave" even though the New York Times has already given up standing by using that expression since Asahi Shimbun officially retracted the falsified articles in Japan which had caused the controversy. Is the British medium ignorant in the basic historical fact?

Toshio Tamogami, appearing here in the article as a revisionist about comfort women issues, doesn't deny the existence of comfort women. Masayoshi Matsumoto, a former soldier he called himself (who once claimed he had seen comfort women infected by HIV during WW2), to whom the BBC correspondent referred, only told that "the women were forced". As Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe addressed at the US Congress, Japan's government admitted 20 years ago that there had been human trafficking of prostitutes in wartime.

These human trafficking were forced by their own parents, not the government. On the contrary, the government gave orders to stop kidnapping several times, one of which would have been made bad use of by the Asahi Shimbun in 1992. Why don't you compare the human trafficking with the Great Britain's slave trades to the North America and the US legalization of these bad deeds, in which about 15,000 people were forcibly taken away from the West Africa. They are liable for the human trafficking as well, aren't they?

When it comes to being forced to work at brothels against their will, I suspect there might be racial discrimination against Japanese because South Korea was apparently running brothels by forcing Korean women to offer special services to the troops from the US and South Korea during the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Class-action sues against South Korean government have been filed.

As for recont controversial tweet by Tadashi Tominaga, an editor of Asahi Shimbun, he was likely to attempt to look for support from the world by spreading groundless rumours about the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, incinerating that he might be involved in Nazism. I'd like to reveal to you here that people in foreign news department are the most extreme-left in the Asahi Shimbun because they have been influenced by a way of thinking called as Orientalism from westerners, who they believe are ideologically more advanced than Japanese people.

There remains the Yellow Peril with Jap 70 years after the end of World War 2. I wonder how long the vicious circle will last between Japanese correspondents who take advantage of the discrimination and allege their advaced ideology, and foreign media such as the BBC and the New York Times which repeatedly repert the "sex slave" issues, taking what they say seriously.


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