NYT attacks Abe administration as threatening the Asahi

NYTimes published an editorial "Whitewashing History in Japan". Four months after the Asahi's defeat, NYT resolved to repeat their false reports as follows:
Right-wing political forces in Japan, encouraged by the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, are waging a campaign of intimidation to deny the disgraceful chapter in World War II when the Japanese military forced thousands of women to serve in wartime brothels.
This is inconsistent with Martin Fackler's report, "There is little evidence that the Japanese military abducted or was directly involved in entrapping women in Korea". The Asahi admitted there is no evidence. Does the editorial board of NYT have unknown evidence of military sex slave? They accused Abe harshly,
The Abe government is playing with fire in pandering those demanding a whitewash of wartime history. “They want to bully us into silence,” Takashi Uemura, a former Asahi reporter, said in describing how ultranationalists have made violent threats against him and his family.
Although it is unclear what "playing with fire" means, it is clear that Abe administration never threatened the Asahi Shimbun, as Hiroshige Seko, the deputy chief cabinet secretary, commented.

As I undestand, Fackler and Tabuchi of NYT Tokyo bureau understand the details of this sensitive problem than the editorial board. Before attacking Japanese government, NYT should review the historical evidences. For example, a report of Nazi War Crimes & Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group of U.S. Congress found no evidences of "comfort women".


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