The Economist's Wrong Article about the "Comfort Women"

So far very few western media commented on the retraction of the Asahi's articles on "comfort women". FT quoted my blog entry and a comment by Eiji Oguma. And the Economist says
Ms Takaichi has publicly called for a new statement on “comfort women” next year [...] Doing so would plunge deeply troubled relations with China and South Korea to new depths. Asahi may have been wrong on the Jeju Island case, but Japan’s responsibility for forcing women into prostitution during the war is beyond doubt.
As I wrote, the Asahi admitted
No official documents were found that directly showed forcible taking away by the military on the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan [...] No documents have been found that show the military systematically taking away women like kidnappers.
It's a simple historical fact that all historians agree. Although the Asahi retracted the articles about Seiji Yoshida, they quibble about the coercion. Even leftist historian like Yoshimi doesn't defend the Asahi, because he admitted it in 1997.


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