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Drew Ferguson said…
Drew Ferguson

If comfort women were sex slaves under brutal suppression of Japanese then why after the war would Korea adopt the term to mean prostitute and use it continuously in it's news papers and documents?

The following blog was started by a 56 year old professor who arrived in Korea during the late 70's as part of the US military and than later became a professor in Korea for many years.

His blog containing 39 articles displays record files and newspaper articles which show that Korea understood comfort women as meaning prostitute.

It may be interesting to know that until the early 90's none of Korea's presidents ever accused Japan of sexual slavery. Moreover Park Chung Hee signed the 1965 bilateral agreement with Japan without ever mentioning anything about comfort women. The findings in this blog may possibly explain why that was the case.

Because of the recent debate regarding comfort women the information contained in this blog might be worth some coverage.

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