NYT's shameful accusation without proof

After Tokyo correspondent Martin Fackler criticized Abe administration's move to revise Kono Statement, the NY Times posted an Editorial that insists
Any attempt to deny the crimes and dilute the apologies will outrage South Korea, as well as China and the Philippines, which suffered under Japan’s brutal wartime rule. Mr. Abe’s shameful impulses could threaten critical cooperation in the region on issues like North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Such revisionism is an embarrassment to a country that should be focused on improving its long-stagnant
economy, not whitewashing the past.
And Op-ed article "Japan Can Champion Women’s Rights" by Mary M. McCarthy, an Assistent Professor of Drake University. It's a repetition of old lie. McCarthy writes,
O’Herne was one of up to 200,000 mostly Korean, but also Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Filipino, Indonesian and other women coerced into sexual servitude by the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces."
"Shameful impulses" and "whitewashing" are not polite words, but there is no evidence that supports NYT's accusation. No evidence of "coercion by the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces" was not found outside Indonesia.

In fact O’Herne's case is the only one accident that Japanese Army abducted women, for which soldiers were executed by the Army. NYT reporter Onishi couldn't find the evidence outside Indonesia. Even Prof. Yoshimi admitted that there was no military abduction in Korea.

It is not the first time that NYT accuse Japanese government without proof. I wonder why they are so enthusiastic about the fake problem of "comfort women", when their friend Asahi Shimbun has become silent because they know they fabricated the story.

If NYT wants Japanese government to apologize, they should show material evidences that the Japanese Army ordered to kidnap women from Korea. Without proof, PM Abe and his colleague in the Cabinet don't change their mind.

Fackler is, unlike Onishi, a nice guy who understands Japanese. NYT can change the history by investigating the truth of "comfort women". It is not so difficult, because many historians agree with the facts.


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