Was Japan an Aggressor Nation?

Today Toshio Tamogami, the Chief of Air Force Staff, was ousted, because he published an article which insists that Japan didn't invade Asian countries. Here is the article.

It includes dubious claim such as that Hull Note was written by an agent of Komintern, but is partly true about the Government of Korea. Carter Eckert of Harvard University researched it and concluded that Japan's capital contributed to the modernization of Korea. Of course Korea was a colony, but the way Japan governed it was different from that of western countries. It's an interesting reading.


Tornadoes28 said…
Japan is not the only nation to be blamed for WWII. The western nations also take some blame. They just don't admit it. The western nations were interfering in China and other Asian countries and constricting Japan. However, Japan responded with violence and death rather then peace. And once Japan controlled China and other countries, Japan did some terrible things such as the Bataan Death March.

America's response by bombing and nuking Japanese cities was also equally evil. Murdering civilians, women and children.
Magnus Lee said…
I put that essay up on Cruxlux. You seem to know a lot about the subject. Would be good to hear your thoughts on the different points in the essay: http://www.cruxlux.com/annotate/8/was-japan-an-aggressor-nation-by-tamogami-toshio


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