Greenpeace Is a Thief

Greenpeace Japan filed a criminal complaint with Japanese prosecutors Thursday, accusing whaling-ship crew members of stealing whale meat from a hunting trip. However, the alleged "evidence" was stolen from the warehouse.

Jun Hoshikawa, the director of Greenpeace Japan, admitted that they stole it and apologized. According to the Japanese law, the object which was collected with illegal measure can't be an evidence. So their accusation will be rejected.

This is a typical hypocrisy of so-called radical ecologists. Western people want to save the whale, while they are killing millions of cows, pigs, and other animals everyday, more than any eastern people. As eating cows is the western tradition, so eating whale is Japanese tradition. Nobody can tell which tradition is correct or incorrect.

Greenpeace is the worst model of western ethnocentrism. Even more foolish is the Japanese like Hoshikawa, who imports the western arrogance to Japan. Fortunately no Japanese media is supporting their illegal behavior. Many Japanese are angry at their violence and hypocrisy.


Chris Salzberg said…
Hi Ikeda-san,

I just did a round-up of views of a few Japanese bloggers on this. Sorry I missed your post or I would have included it as well.

yuuji said…
I totally support your insist.
As I was a child, some portions of whale meat were served for our lunch of schools. Everybody around me really loved to eat them and enjoyed, because its meat was tasty. Some say that the number of people who eat the meat has been decreasing, yet the reason of this decline is its context over the world.
Japan follows the agreement of IWC. Why can it maintain to supply the meats for its citizens under the environment? That lets the consumption of them reduced and prices goes up high. We can't afford to keep eating them.
As Mr. Ikeda says, there is no reasonable reason to ban consuming whale meat. As long as the number of whales can be controlled, the IWC should change its attitude.
Marc McDonald said…
If Greenpeace really wants a worthy cause to protest, I suggest they demonstrate against the ongoing U.S. war crimes in Iraq.
The illegal U.S. war and occupation of Iraq has so far killed over one million Iraqi civilians and led to the displacement of 2 million.
This is one of the great crimes against humanity of our era. Greenpeace should be calling for the prosecution of Bush and Cheney on war crimes charges.
tornadoes28 said…
Greenpeace is an environmental group Marc. Now, if you had said that Bushes war had killed two million turtles and it created 500 million tons of toxic waste, then it would make sense for Greepeace to protest Bushes illegal war.

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