There is little controversy among historians

Prof. Yoshimi is the main source of "sex slave" stories by foreign media. But he admits that there is no evidence of military coercion in Korea.

Japan Times interviewed him and Prof. Hata, who says the comfort women were commercial prostitutes. It's striking their conclusion about the historical fact are not so different. Yoshimi said

the military knew private agents sometimes cheated, kidnapped, traded or forcibly took some women to frontline brothels.

On the other hand, Hata said

no documentary evidence of systematic state or military coercion has been provided, although police and soldiers took it upon themselves to force victims into the brothels. 

Their claims are consistent: the Army was involved  in the coercion of private brokers, but never ordered to abduct women.

In fact Japanese government admits one case of court-martial offense in Indonesia, which was referred to in Kono Statement. It has nothing to do with Koreans.


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